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9Feb, 2015

The Unicorn of EMR- Interoperability.

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Recently, The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has released, for public comment, its shared nationwide roadmap for interoperability. (See link below) This “roadmap” is designed to get everyone on the same path towards what we have always described as a ‘patient centered’ EMR. The goal is to bring both the private and public providers of medical (and wellness) care together, to create an interoperable health IT ecosystem over the next 10 years, according to ONC. We have to head towards that goal today, and 10 years is […]

14Jan, 2015


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DISRUPTING THE HEALTHCARE MARKETPLACE How Electronic Records Must Lead the Way In 2005 the RAND Corporation projected that widespread use of EHR by the medical service industry could save $81 billion (USD) per year.  Not a single person with experience in healthcare can say today that these projections have proven accurate.  In fact most, if not all, would say that this was a fairytale, and little or none of those benefits have been realized. Some can argue that EHRs have actually cost more because better documentation has actually increased billing […]

13Jan, 2015

PWeR® Will Soon Provide Solutions

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The American Medical Association Weighs in on Electronic Medical Records and Meaningful Use Criteria PWeR®; Will Soon Provide Solutions For those who have been reading “The PWeR®; Perspective” this year, you have noticed that our perspective on the Future of EMR has been very consistent. We have maintained that any real solution for providers has to be easy to use; it has to be easy to install, safe and secure; it has to be delivered and supported at the lowest cost possible; and most importantly, it has to provide a […]