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18Oct, 2017

“Trump says ‘there is no such thing as Obamacare’ ”, according to CNBC.

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Once again, we interrupt our series on Silicon Valley and healthcare to discuss the shifting sands on the U.S. healthcare reform. I will point out that the U.S. has not gone through any real healthcare reform; it has been experiencing a poor attempt at insurance reform, with the goal of insuring more Americans. The effort of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), also referred to as ObamaCare, is not healthcare reform. In the last week, the President of the United Sates, Donald J. Trump has executed two Executive Orders […]

21Sep, 2017

Graham-Cassidy U.S. Senate Legislation

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We interrupt our series of blogs on “Silicon Valley in Healthcare” to quickly address the pending United States Senate legislation on “ObamaCare repeal.” I do not remember a time where there has been total opposition to a legislation such as this one. I have never been on the same side at the same time with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP), the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, the Association for Community Affiliated […]

28Jul, 2017

Healthcare’s Disruptive Transition – Part 4

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One of the things that continues to shock us in healthcare are the costs to administer the back-office, or the cost to generate, send, process, pay and receive a medical claim. How big is this administrative cost of healthcare in the U.S.? What if we told you that the healthcare administration costs are approximately $333,000,000,000 USD (three hundred thirty-three billion USD) per year. Would you believe your eyes? Yes, the United States of America spends more in healthcare administration than many, many countries spend on healthcare in total! For instance […]

10Jul, 2017

The GOP Healthcare Bill – The U.S. Senate Version (Part 3)

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“Healthcare can be fixed without higher costs by putting patient care first, taking advantage of the technology that is available to coordinate better care, improving patient control and access to their medical and financial information, and finally a relentless drive for a fully transparent healthcare pricing model. This is the only solution – not thinking we can fix healthcare by controlling healthcare insurance markets. Trying to fix healthcare by addressing insurance markets alone simply masks the real problems. We can either mask the problem or treat the disease.”  As we […]

7Jul, 2017

The GOP Healthcare Bill – The U.S. Senate Version (Part 2)

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Why can’t we fix U.S. Healthcare? The biggest problem with the healthcare bill submitted by the Republicans in the U.S. Senate is that they have not tried to fix the same problems the Democrats were unable to fix in Obamacare. They have all focused-on insurance – not cost, quality of care and/or price transparency. We in the U.S have only begun to scratch the surface on the use of technology. Plus, there is no patient or consumer influence in the healthcare marketplace – NONE! Sky-high prices are what makes dealing […]

4Jul, 2017

The GOP Healthcare Bill – The U.S. Senate Version (Part 1)

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It is nearly impossible to turn on the television, read any website, or listen to talk radio in America and not be overwhelmed by the discussion on the Republican Senate Healthcare Bill. This debate has been the latest process of President Trump’s “repeal and replace ObamaCare” campaign promise. This week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released their estimates on the U.S. Senate Healthcare Bill. First, let’s be real, not now nor has there ever been a healthcare bill. It is a medical insurance bill. Nothing in this bill, nor in […]

22Jun, 2015

What industry today produces more paper check transactions than it did in 2000?

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Trivia Question: What industry today produces more paper check transactions than it did in 2000?  I know this because it’s coming from me however, most, if not everyone will know that the answer to the question is healthcare. Yes, healthcare in the United States of America! The country that invented the personal computer, credit card, cellular phone, telephone, internet and automatic clearing house payment (ACH) is creating more paper than ever.. let me repeat, than ever! Recently, BloombergBusiness published a story with the headline: Why America’s $2.9 Trillion Medical Industry Still […]