What does PWeR stand for?

PWeR® stands for Personal Wellness electronic Record.

What can PWeR do for my practice?

PWeR’s full EHR offers an array of services that include practice management, billing, customizable notes, audit trails, reports, favorites list, patient portal and much, much more.  

Is PWeR Cloud-based?

Yes! PWeR’s Cloud-based platform gives you 24/7 access to your portal anytime, anywhere.

Is PWeR certified?

Yes! PWeR 3.0 has been certified as a 2014 Edition Complete Ambulatory EHR product by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health:
InfoGard Certification Number IG-3086-15-0029


How long does it take to go-live?

PWeR’s Implementation & Training Team will provide a thorough amount of on-site training while your account is being set up in PWeR and with our third-party vendors.  Once your contract is completed and signed, your go-live date is roughly 30-90 days, or until your practice is fully comfortable in the system.

Do you offer on-site and continuous support?

Yes! PWeR’s Implementation & Training Team will spend a thorough amount of time seeing how your practice goes about its day-to-day duties.  Once that is completed, one of our team members will tailor your PWeR training around your practice workflow so that nothing is disrupted – Remember…Your Practice, Your Way!
Once your practice is fully up and running, you will have an on-call team member to contact any time you need!

What additional types of support are offered?

Not only will you have a personal PWeR team member on-call, you also will receive full training manuals, webex training and support, phone support and on-site support.
PWeR guarantees live support whenever you need it!

What other methods of support do you offer?

PWeR’s Corporate Office Hours are:
Monday – Friday, 8AM – 6PM
PWeR’s Sales and Implementation & Training are:
Monday – Friday, 8AM – 8PM
Saturday, 8AM – 12PM


Is PWeR's system secure?

Yes! The PWeR platform is a secure platform consisting of s 256 bit encryption, and hosted in secure environment on the Amazon Web Service environment.

What if my internet goes down?

Don’t panic! While different measures of internet connection are strongly encouraged, PWeR’s cloud-based platform allows you the freedom to access your portal anytime, anywhere, even with a hotspot from your mobile device!

Can different levels of access be granted ?

PWeR offer’s mulit-role based rights that can be adjusted any time. Our audit trail feature allows you to verify what exactly was accessed, by whom and at what time.

Does PWeR provide back up recovery?

Yes! As part of our set-up, PWeR has a built in AWS redundancy that make sure that information is backed up automatically and seamlessly.