One Patient...Total Connectivity.

From scheduling appointments to recording and tracking diagnoses, treatments and outcomes, PWeR can help your practice manage it all!


The PWeDashboard allows support staff and providers to search for patients, check their daily schedule, and be aware of important notifications easily and efficiently. PWeR provides effortless access to patient information, right from the start.

Effortless Patient Search Feature
View Schedule for the Day
Add New Patients with Ease
Review Important Notifications

Practice Management

Practice Management (PM) allows not only your front-desk staff, but also your providers, scheduling capabilities to maximize success in a busy work-day. Simply book and confirm appointments, check-in and checkout patients, track their status, and view doctors’ schedules separately or all at once, for a comprehensive assessment. Color-coded views combined with drag-and-drop capabilities make scheduling smooth and insightful.

Seamless Schedule for One or Multiple Doctors
Adjustable Time and Date Capabilities
Drag, Drop and Color Code Features
Easy Patient Check In

Patient Information

Enrich patient interactions with the use of our streamlined Patient Information platform. PWeR comes with pre-populated dropdowns to help you save time entering your patients’ information accurately. View a patient’s demographics, enter quick notes, track their trends and order labs, radiology and ePrescribe all on one screen and in a single click! Record allergies and medications to ensure interactions are safe and effective, leaving you confident that your patients are receiving the best possible care.

View Patient’s Record All In One Screen
Order Scripts, Labs and Radiology with a Click of a Button
Track Patient Trends
Comprehensive Multi-Specialty PWeR Record

Customizable Notes

Writing a patient note has never been easier. Providers can choose from a selection of customizable PWeR templates or simply create a quick note. Our Notes section features a drag-and-drop option and the ability to free type for a more personalized touch. Patients’ vitals, lab and radiology orders, ePrescriptions and more, can also be included within the patients’ note with little effort and with total accuracy.

Create A Note In Less Than 60 Seconds
Drag, Drop, and Free Type Features
Access to Shareable Template Library or Create Your Own
Insert Vitals and Order Scripts, Labs, and Radiology

PWeR 3.0 System Requirements and Disclosures

PWeR 3.0 is a Complete Ambulatory EHR product with subscription pricing per qualified user, per month. Administrative staff and assistant use of the platform is included with subscription. No additional costs included for certified meaningful use capabilities of PWeR 3.0.
Additional services included with subscription are:


This certified product-version will require an initial setup fee, and an on-going monthly subscription fee per provider for electronic prescribing capability which includes drug-drug/drug-allergy interactions, drug formulary checks, and clinical information reconciliation (170.314.b.3, 170.314.a.2, 170.314.a.10, 170.314.b.4)


This certified product-version will require an initial setup fee, and a per-instance fee for electronic faxing (170.314.a.1)


This certified product-version will require an initial setup fee, and an annual subscription fee for direct message capability to send/receive transition of care summaries (170.314.b.1, 170.314.b.2)


Web Browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, or above, Firefox), Adobe PDF Viewer; high-speed, stable internet connection is also required

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