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$23 Billion (U.S.D) EHR Global Market by 2020

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | April 3rd, 2015

According to a recent report by a U.S.-based market intelligence firm , by 2020 the global electronic health records (EHR) market is expected to grow to $23 billion (U.S.D) in annual revenues, from the latest estimate of $15 billion in 2013. The report denotes that North America is currently leading the market worldwide with about 42% of total global sales. Second in the market was Eurozone, followed by the Asia-Pacific region. The report also notes that Asian countries such as China and India are exhibiting the fastest expansion and will account for an increasing share of growth through 2020.

For years, we have seen the U.S. leading in EHR technology. The value created by large healthcare IT, as well as new innovative companies, show that the required Meaningful use compliance by medical providers in the U.S. EHR market is the most innovative in the world! It is very likely that China, India and other countries will be able to use current and future innovations from the U.S., to expand EHR into their national healthcare models. The opportunity for exporting U.S. technologies will be substantial.


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