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18Oct, 2017

“Trump says ‘there is no such thing as Obamacare’ ”, according to CNBC.

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Once again, we interrupt our series on Silicon Valley and healthcare to discuss the shifting sands on the U.S. healthcare reform. I will point out that the U.S. has not gone through any real healthcare reform; it has been experiencing a poor attempt at insurance reform, with the goal of insuring more Americans. The effort of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), also referred to as ObamaCare, is not healthcare reform. In the last week, the President of the United Sates, Donald J. Trump has executed two Executive Orders […]

28Jul, 2017

Healthcare’s Disruptive Transition – Part 4

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One of the things that continues to shock us in healthcare are the costs to administer the back-office, or the cost to generate, send, process, pay and receive a medical claim. How big is this administrative cost of healthcare in the U.S.? What if we told you that the healthcare administration costs are approximately $333,000,000,000 USD (three hundred thirty-three billion USD) per year. Would you believe your eyes? Yes, the United States of America spends more in healthcare administration than many, many countries spend on healthcare in total! For instance […]

3Mar, 2016

HIMSS 2016 Part 1

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Every year, the best and the brightest in the health information technology industry, via the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) annual meeting, meet for a week. This year, it’s in Las Vegas, Nevada. An amazing experience I have enjoyed on more than one occasion. The convention is attended by sizeable healthcare delivery systems, clearly large and small technology companies. Almost always missing; actual healthcare providers. The sad news of that is, everyone is building and demonstrating technology that impacts the providers more than anyone. In the 3 times […]

6Jan, 2016

U.S. Drug Cost, A State of Emergency?

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This blog follows the prior blogs regarding pharmaceutical costs. This will be the last blog on this subject for now. We want to talk about the exiting things 2016 holds for healthcare and technology and, it is possible to write about the pharmaceutical issues in the U.S non-stop. We have previously discussed the incredibly innovative, lifesaving and life extending drugs, typically originated on American soil. The facts are, as mentioned in the previous blog, the U.S. government/taxpayer, insurance company and patient, pay more for most pharmaceuticals than in any other […]

26Oct, 2015

Consumerism in Healthcare 2016 and Beyond

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Part 1 There are many trends emerging today in healthcare that seem to be gathering momentum. Some may credit changes to the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), some may credit changes in demographics, some the advancement in technology, while others the success of increasing consumer engagement. Regarding changes due to the ACA; yes, the ACA has disrupted some elements in healthcare, but in the totality of its context, the ACA seems to have brought about more challenges than solutions. It is self-evident that a lot of work remains and […]