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10Jul, 2017

The GOP Healthcare Bill – The U.S. Senate Version (Part 3)

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“Healthcare can be fixed without higher costs by putting patient care first, taking advantage of the technology that is available to coordinate better care, improving patient control and access to their medical and financial information, and finally a relentless drive for a fully transparent healthcare pricing model. This is the only solution – not thinking we can fix healthcare by controlling healthcare insurance markets. Trying to fix healthcare by addressing insurance markets alone simply masks the real problems. We can either mask the problem or treat the disease.”  As we […]

19May, 2017

EHRs: We Have Barely Scratched the Surface

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For the last six years, the rush to install electronic healthcare records (EHR) in the entire United States healthcare industry, has been driven almost exclusively by the U.S. government’s proverbial “carrot and stick” approach. Originally, it offered $30 billion (USD) in incentives that one day in the not-too-distant future will be deemed wasted – this was the “carrot.” The “stick” was the mandated reductions or penalties in reimbursement if providers did not comply. Today that penalty is 3% of all government paid healthcare, increasing to 5% in 2019. We must […]