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25Jul, 2017

Silicon Valley and Healthcare (Part 1)

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The inspiration for this series of blogs was a recent report on CNBC that Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook had worn a device that tracked his blood sugar, hinting at Apple’s interest in the space. Over the last 12 months we have had many conversations, that effectively started with a question: why is Silicon Valley not having an impact on healthcare? The answers I have given, both in our home state of Florida, and in a recent visit to Silicon Valley were the same. First, healthcare is not only “complicated” […]

31Jul, 2015

Healthcare in the age of Uber, eBay and Facebook.

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Today is an amazing time to be involved in most industries. This week I read articles in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that separately discussed the taxi and transportation revolution brought on by Uber, Inc., and the transformation traditional media companies are making to quickly adapt to on-line advertising. It has been fascinating to watch Uber’s “application” of driven on-demand, morph the transportation business. Many cities, counties, states and even governments have challenged Uber because their “technology” is disruptive to the status quo; yet the outcomes have nearly always favored […]