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18Feb, 2016

Cloud Computing and Tech Spending

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This week the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article that was full of good news for most, but concern for others; and this, in our opinion, is just the beginning of the technological shift we are all witnessing. The article was entitled “Cloud Computing May Be Hampering Tech Spending: Analyst Report” . As a long-time proponent of technology; for instance, cloud SaaS models (Software as a Service) for electronic medical records and most other computer-centric services; this got our attention fast. The article discussed what seems to be a […]

28Jan, 2016

The NEW Trancession

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Two weeks ago, we discussed the lack of investment in healthcare technology, Monstrous Digital Healthcare Gap in the U.S. In last week’s Blog, we discussed a few items that lead away from, and then back to, healthcare and technology, The Next Digital Revolution. Today, I will try to bring both ideas together, and more importantly, get a little deeper in to the economics of our generations, and where healthcare is. Next week we will do the big numbers. First, I am no economist, and for sure I am no financial analyst; but there […]

13Jan, 2016

Monstrous Digital Healthcare Gap in the U.S, and Beyond.

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I have addressed this subject previously in numerous presentations and speeches going back to the late 1990’s, and at a university healthcare forum in 2008. Last month the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) published a report that reminded me of the problem, and prompted me to move half a dozen other blog discussions to the back burner. In the April 24, 2008 university healthcare forum, I discussed that the per capita investment in technology by healthcare ranks 9 out of 10 industries with only the food processing industry lower. This MGI […]

2Dec, 2015

Who Pays For Healthcare?

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As I reach another personal birthday, I look back at over half a century of personal experiences. Not so out of reach is my passion for healthcare, and that is prompting this discussion of what has happened to healthcare in the U.S. over that period. Recently the California Healthcare Foundation ( published an incredibly interesting dynamic and informative report on healthcare cost, and the changes in cost and payments from 1960 to 2013 with some projections in to our current year. Wow! I urge anyone interested this industry to check […]