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7Jul, 2017

The GOP Healthcare Bill – The U.S. Senate Version (Part 2)

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Why can’t we fix U.S. Healthcare? The biggest problem with the healthcare bill submitted by the Republicans in the U.S. Senate is that they have not tried to fix the same problems the Democrats were unable to fix in Obamacare. They have all focused-on insurance – not cost, quality of care and/or price transparency. We in the U.S have only begun to scratch the surface on the use of technology. Plus, there is no patient or consumer influence in the healthcare marketplace – NONE! Sky-high prices are what makes dealing […]

7Oct, 2015

The Age of Data

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I recently read, with great joy, an article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that noted Google Capital, the internet company’s growth-equity fund, had “invested $32.5 million in Oscar Health Insurance Corporation”, a start-up in the healthcare insurance industry. There are a couple of interesting things about this article. First, this “start-up” is valued at $1.5 billion (USD) and second, according to the article,“Oscar amassed a war chest of more than $350 million in its bid to use data and technology to make the insurance business work more like an […]

29Jun, 2015

Mega Health Insurance Mergers – Good Or Bad?

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The media recently announced at least two proposed mega-mergers by large insurance companies however, no offer has been accepted at this time. Cigna Corporation had received an offer from Anthem, Inc. for, at the last count, $47.5 billion (USD). Aetna, Inc. is also reportedly close to tendering an offer to buy Humana, Inc. Additionally, there is talk on the Street that UnitedHealth Group, Inc. made a takeover approach to Aetna. If completed, I believe the first two deal deals would have a direct impact on patients, providers and maybe even […]