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9May, 2018

Healthcare Transformation: Walmart & Humana (Final)

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In our last couple of blogs, we have expressed our excitement about a potential deal between Walmart (WMT) and Humana (HUM).  The latter, a company I have known very well for 20 years, as they are a dominant player in my home market in South Florida.  I have had contracts with Humana for most of my 25 years in healthcare, and a company I founded and grew to modest size is part of Humana today. I think a combination of Walmart and Humana is like none other I have seen […]

12Apr, 2018

Healthcare Transformation (Part 2): Walmart & Humana

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In our last blog, we left off with the recent announcement that Walmart (WMT) was looking to acquire Humana (HUM) teasing that this combination could be different. Over the last year, we have frequently discussed what combination of merging companies we thought were not going to work, for example, our series on “Silicon Valley and Healthcare.”  The series broke down what Silicon Valley companies could or could not do in healthcare. I also wrote about the announcement that Amazon, Berkshire and J.P. Morgan Chase (JPM) were going to partner to […]

5Apr, 2018

Healthcare Transformation: What could it look like?

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When we first began this blog, we wanted to discuss the things that we see that could, and most likely will, transform healthcare.  We are a healthcare technology company, and while technology is part of our DNA, it’s not all of it.  The other part of our DNA deals with facilities, systems, processes, and consumerization issues in healthcare. Those consumerization issues relate to patient/consumer control of their own health data; at the very least, to see and share that collective information with other caregivers.  We carry that philosophy literally in […]

29Jun, 2015

Mega Health Insurance Mergers – Good Or Bad?

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The media recently announced at least two proposed mega-mergers by large insurance companies however, no offer has been accepted at this time. Cigna Corporation had received an offer from Anthem, Inc. for, at the last count, $47.5 billion (USD). Aetna, Inc. is also reportedly close to tendering an offer to buy Humana, Inc. Additionally, there is talk on the Street that UnitedHealth Group, Inc. made a takeover approach to Aetna. If completed, I believe the first two deal deals would have a direct impact on patients, providers and maybe even […]